ID Parade

Trying to ID your old Teisco? Have a look through these photos and you may find it!

I've arranged the photos by guitar type (solid body, semi-acoustic or bass) and by number of pickups. Within that I've tried to arrange them in chronological order as accurately as I can. Where an exact year isn't known I've made a 'best guess' at a range of years. There's also an amp page.

PLEASE REMEMBER.... The colour of yours may be different, it may have slightly different hardware so just go for a 'best match' when you are looking!! Also, please don't ask me to value your guitar once you've identified it. Any guitar is worth whatever someone is prepared to pay for it depending on it's condition and how original it is. My best advice is to keep an eye on eBay until you see one of your guitars (or a similar one) for auction and see what it sells for.

Click on one of the links to get to the right page. Happy hunting!