'55 Type #71


'61 Amp-78R (2X12" with tremolo & reverb)


'64 Amp-71R and '66 Checkmate 12 (9 watts, 8" speaker, three inputs)


'66 Checkmate 16 bass amp

(20 watts, 10" speaker, volume, tone)


Two more Checkmates

'66 Checkmate 17 (20 watts, 10" speaker, reverb, tremolo)
'66 Checkmate 50 (two-channels, 100 watts, two 15" speakers, reverb, tremolo, "E tuner")


'6? Checkmate 30

solid state amp,14" round x 18" tall, 8 watt output/ 6" speaker, power "on" light, volume control/ on-off switch, 2 input jacks, tone control, external switched speaker output jack on bottom, tremolo footswitch jack for use with the tremolo section speed and intensity adjustment controls, vertically mounted upward facing speaker with an omni-directional baffle cone for 360 degree sound projection.


and finally...

'6? Teisco TS-20 (1978): solid state 100w amp.Featurse: 3 inputs, treble, bass, volume, Tremolo depth & speed, reverb, tremolo & reverb foot switch sockets on back.
'6? Checkmate 21: solid state top, 28 1/2" high, 14 1/2" wide, and 8" deep, reverb, 3 input jacks. The cab pictured has two 8" speakers.

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