Here you will find a number of schematics, wiring photos, technical info and more.

MJ-2L wiring

When my MJ-2L arrived I stripped it down to give it a good clean. This is what is 'under the hood'. I would think this is pretty standard wiring for most two-pickup Teiscos of the mid-60s period.


TRG-1 wiring

The inbuilt amp which makes this guitar a 'must have' Teisco model didn't work when I bought it. Fortunately I was able to get my hands on a schematic diagram and fix it! Strangely, it runs off two standard 9V square batteries (giving 18V DC). 

For anyone else who needs it, here is the schematic (from an old Japanese Guitarist magazine) which shows all electrics not just the amp! Followed by some wiring photos.

The amp